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Primal King Podcast

Aug 4, 2023

It is the HUGE milestone of 200 episodes being published so it calls for some fun...right?

In this episode, Derek has on everyone's favorite guest which also happens to be his wife, Jess, to play a game of "What If." 

-What if Derek's dad's situation hadn't happened the way that it did?

-What if Derek and Jess didn't make the move that they did?

-What if their decisions over the past 5 years negatively impact their kids?

We all look back on pivotal times in our life and ask the question around "what if" but does it do any good? Not usually...

However, in this milestone episode, Derek and Jess don't just play a game of "what if," they instead go through the lessons that they've learned that wouldn't have be able to be learned any other way than just going right through the sh#t. 

If you have struggled with past decisions and if the "what if's" are holding you back, this will be a great episode for you to listen to!