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Primal King Podcast

Sep 17, 2021

Adam Bender has been able to go all around the world hunting. That has exposed him to different (sometimes very exotic) types of game as well as cultures being the club events manager for Cabelas/Bass Pro Shops.

In this episode, Adam and Derek take a step away from all of the chaos that seems to be going on in the world to have a conversation around hunting. You will hear about Adam's wife who was fortunate to draw a "once in a lifetime" elk hunt and be successful. They also dive into the wolf conversation and what that means for future hunting.

Lastly, you'll get to hear about some of Adam's stories that he has experienced by traveling to different cultures and how they perceive success (hint: it's not by the Boone and Crocket scores that we are used to).

Adam is a great family man with a mission to preserve the way of life that has led to many generations of hunters and will hopefully contribute to many more!