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Primal King Podcast

Dec 3, 2021

Brandon Poulin is the co-founder of the massively successful LadyBoss business and movement. Along with his wife Kaelin, they have not only changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of women but have done it while navigating through their marriage, their business and their young kids.

For most people, just building a culture-changing movement would be challenging but when you are walking through it with your spouse, it can present a different set of challenges but it can also present massive fulfillment and satisfaction.

Brandon talks to Derek about how he has grown through his faith and his business knowledge and the secrets behind his path that have led to his huge success in business and also with his family.

If you think that you ever have to make the choice of business or family, you HAVE to listen to this episode and learn how Brandon has kept what's truly important in perspective!