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Primal King Podcast

May 5, 2023

Chad Felderhoff grew up in a town of 1500 people and was working at his family business from a very young age. While most kids were off at the pool or playing, he was learning how to work and the value of a dollar.

In our present culture, it seems like we don't value hard work or the "dirty jobs" like we used to. There used to be a ton of purpose and fulfillment created by working hard, earning money and providing for your family. Now, we would rather replace our blue collar jobs and businesses with automations and machines.

Chad is the type of person that is the glue of our country. He grew up in a small town, he worked hard at some tough jobs, got his education and used it to learn enough to become a business owner where he now provides a ton of jobs for his community.

This is the type of episode that you should consider sharing with the high school kids in your life. Rather than selling them the dream of getting a degree, getting that comfortable job and living just over broke until they retire, they can see how putting in the hard work early can change not only them and their family's lives down the road but can also impact a community by helping others as well.