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Primal King Podcast

May 24, 2024

So many conversations in "podcast land" are all about what people did when they first got started years ago. What were the struggles that they went through? What were the challenges that they faced? What should they have done differently? There is only one problem that can come up with this method: do they even remember what is was REALLY like in the beginning?

In this episode, Derek brought on Charlie Adams, Founder and CEO of the Naughty Dog, who is in the beginning stages of building a business with a massive upside. They got into ALL of the messy-ness that happens in the first few months into the first couple years of starting a business. Things like:

-What it looks like to start a brand new business

-How long do you wait to actually make the jump and go all in

-How to know if you are scaling at the right speed

-What sacrifices will need to be made to actually "make it"

If you are someone that is new in business or if you are someone considering taking the plunge to start a business, this will be a refreshingly new approach to hear from Charlie about what it takes to get something off the ground and still not know with 100% certainty what the potential will actually be. This will serve as a guide as well as an inspiration to put you on the best path for your success!