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Primal King Podcast

Jul 15, 2022

Correy Hawk is a primitive skills expert, a former contestant on the hit tv show "Alone" and the owner of Organic Archery. 

Derek had the opportunity recently to connect with Correy at a wilderness mastermind and knew he had to have Correy on. In this episode they talk about why primitive skills are STILL important (despite all of our modern conveniences) as well as what impact nature can have on our overall mental health.

Also, Correy breaks down why our "addiction to busy-ness" is having a massively negative impact on us and our current society, why nature will harden our mindset and how you can be prepared if you are ever faced with a life or death survival situation.

We all take for granted things like clean water, shelter and food but what if something were to happen that put those things in danger? Make sure to listen in to Correy's expertise because it could literally save your life!