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Primal King Podcast

Jun 27, 2024

Derek and Jess are celebrating their 17 year wedding anniversary! Rather than just talking about how easy it has been, they decided to get real and lay out their best and worst qualities...

Often times in business, there will be team building exercises and personality tests and many other tools to help each other communicate at the highest level. Derek had an experience with a company that actually had the upper-level management lay out what they think the others' best and worst qualities were. This can help show an outside perspective of how people perceive one another and give insight into how you show up.

While this can be very uncomfortable, it can also spark conversations that will spur growth. Derek and Jess wanted to do this very exercise in front of you all in hopes that it will not only help them in their marriage journey but also to inspire these conversations to happen in your relationship.

Communication, honesty and growth has been key to their marriage and it can also be key to yours...if you're willing to do it. 

You are encouraged to take this episode's topic back to your significant other and get real. Your relationship will be better for it in the long run...