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Primal King Podcast

Mar 17, 2023

Have you ever done your absolute best but still failed? Most of us have...

Typically we will say things like "I can hold my head up high knowing that I gave it my best" or "At least I left it all out on the field." However, what if those are nothing more than cheap one-liners that will never actually help us get results?

Doing our best is one thing. It may even be admirable to see someone laying it all out and doing their best. If you want to truly win and have success it's not about doing your best; it's about doing what's required.

Derek was inspired by a podcast he recently heard when this topic was brought up. Most of us will do everything we can in the moment to win and/or be successful but that's never what it's about; it's ALL about doing the things required to ultimately achieve that success.

If you are struggling with your weight, your marriage or your results in general, this is an episode that you have to check out!