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Primal King Podcast

Apr 3, 2020

On this episode, Derek had a chance to talk Lifestyle; Carnivore lifestyle that is! Dr. Shawn Baker has led a fascinating life and now is changing the way that we look at nutrition. He has set multiple world records in weight lifting, has performed over 600 surgeries during war, has written one of the most ground breaking books ("The Carnivore Diet") around nutrition in recent history and now he is changing lives with food instead of surgery.

In this episode you will learn:

-Why he ended up actually getting in trouble when he started helping people avoid surgery with food

-What it was like to have his "finger on the nuclear button" as a nuclear weapons launch officer

-What he believes is the REAL driving force behind the vegan movement

-What are the metrics we should be looking at when gauging our "health"

This was a truly fascinating episode because sometimes the people that are daring enough to approach things differently are the ones that are able to change the world. Dr. Shawn Baker is doing that with his lifestyle, his book, his company and his inspiration!