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Primal King Podcast

Oct 27, 2023

Tom Cable has coched football at every level; High School, College and Professional over the past 30+ years. What was it that allowed him to have continued success and rock solid relationships with his players? Love.

Whether you are a business owner or a peewee coach, respect is earned and players and employees will go much harder for those that they respect and love. How is it that you go about that though when it's much easier said than done?

In this episode you'll not only learn what it's like to be at the highest of highs (such as winning a Super Bowl) but also the dark valley after a gut-wrenching loss as well as what it takes to get your team to truly buy into your vision and execute at a level of mastery.

Make sure to tune into the "Finding Mastery Podcast" coming out on Nov 22 if you loved hearing from Coach Tom Cable!