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Primal King Podcast

Dec 22, 2023

Frank Sell has been an entreprenuer for over 20 years and has the bumps and bruises to show it. It all started with a $100 investment into a VHS tape to learn how to fix hail damaged cars.

For anyone that has ever started and grown a business, they know exactly how hard it can be to get things up and going. On the other hand, having someone tell you what you'll make and when you'll work and not work can be equally as hard so Frank chose the path of an entrepreneur. 

One of his famous quotes as to how he has achieved his success is "pound the pavement so hard that they'll send you a bill to fix the potholes," and that's exactly what he did.

After getting the taste of success, Frank when on to start multiple other businesses and is now in the process of scaling his coffee business called "Get SH!T Done!" Coffee Co which is as much as a lifestyle as it is a drink.

If you are looking for an afternoon shot motivation, make sure to check out this episode with Frank Sell!