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Primal King Podcast

Dec 24, 2020

Howard Getson has been successful in just about everything that he has done; from sports in high school and college to earning his J.D. Law degree and Masters Degree in Business Administration from Northwestern University and then to building an Inc. 500 company and now to the founder of an algorithmic hedge fund company called Capitalogix. So, what has been the key to his success?

Howard talks about his journey and the lessons that he learned that you can implement in your life. He has been on the cutting edge of integrating artificial intelligence into business for decades. He also explains why energy is so important when it comes to the decision making process and how you can use your energy to push you forward.

Any time that someone who gets to park under the Dallas Cowboy's stadium for all home games is willing to share his wisdom, it is HIGHLY recommended to take note!