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Primal King Podcast

Mar 26, 2021

Jamey Shirah is part owner and CMO of the asset management company South Capital Partners. He grew up in a very small town but after graduating from the University of Georgia he has gone on to be successful with several different ventures. Ultimately his roots led him to start the Hunter Recruitment Project which helps first-time hunters experience the power of harvesting their first animal.

Jamey's "Get off your butt and make it happen" attitude is infectious as well as impactful. Not only has he made waves in the bar and restaurant industry but is now giving people the opportunity to go down the path of being self sufficient with hunting skills.

Whether you grew up similar to Jamey and Derek in a small town or if you grew up more urban, you will learn why fulfilling the primal instincts of hunting and providing is so important on so many different levels!