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Primal King Podcast

Jun 26, 2020

Jay Hill owns several different businesses in the agricultural industry including the massive brand ChaffHaye. His entrepreneurial journey started at 10 and progressed until he was able to start farming 10 acres by age 16.

This isn't just a story about farming though. The agricultural industry is very competitive so Jay had to do things differently since he started on a shoe-string budget.

In this episode you will learn-

-How Jay went from 10 acres to over 17,000 acres in the past 20 years

-What it's like to run a business with over 120 employees and how he structures his time to maximize results

-Why there isn't any reason to complain about "big business" when building your business

-What the recent tough times with his family has taught him and how you can apply those same lessons

-and so much more amazing value and insight!

Jay is a super down to Earth, humble man but also knows how to make a massive business run and continue to grow. He's grown his Instagram following to over 40,000 people showing people the "hidden" industry of agriculture and has undoubtedly contributed to this nation's next generation of farmers and producers chasing their dreams.