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Primal King Podcast

May 10, 2024

Keith has a famously unique story: he went from being a pastor of a church to living very "loose" and even ended up dating a porn star. That's not something that you hear too much. He eventually ended his first marriage and found his true love and he thought all would be well forever until he heard the words that no married man ever wants to hear from his wife..."my life is better without you in it."

Rather than just throwing in the towel and getting a second divorce, those words sent Keith on a journey to be the most attractive man he could be for his wife and the results were mind blowing. Not only did he not end up in another divorce, his relationship is nothing short of on fire with his now long time wife.

The results were so good in fact, other people started asking him how he did it which eventually led to him starting Married Game where he has helped hundreds of men rekindle the fire and passion that so often goes out after years of being with someone.

If you have any thoughts that things could be better in the bedroom and in that in turn would make things better in every aspect of your relationship, this is a must listen episode!