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Primal King Podcast

Apr 26, 2024

Nick Thayer is a Coast Guard veteran and developed a love of fitness that led him into becoming a Crossfit coach. That passion didn't stop there though and it ended up leading him to a place that he never could have expected; The Tactical Games.

The Tactical Games will push even the most fierce competitors and warriors to their limits. With a mixture of physical hardship and precision shooting, The Tactical Games can humble just about anybody. Nick knew as soon as he was introduced to it, he was hooked for life.

Nick started at TTG though a marketing position but his drive and love for the competition eventually propelled him into becoming the Owner and President where he has been able to explode the business. Everyone from A list celebritities to hardened Special Operators and congresswomen have now been a part of The Tactical Games and it is only just beginning.

Make sure to check out this episode to see what it is like to push the boundaries on what you think is possible as well as how Nick went from quitting the high school basketball team to crushing it in the business world.