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Primal King Podcast

Nov 30, 2022

Have you ever seen the "gurus" online tell you how you can make a million dollars in 30 days with their "proven system?" Have you ever seen that young kid telling you how easy it is to start a 7 figure business? If you have, you need to listen to this FIRE episode!

The "How to make money" and "How to build a business" space is just as fake as the weight loss industry when it comes to setting realistic standards. The same issues that weight loss gurus can create with body image also happen ALL THE TIME with business.

There is no "get rich quick scheme" (that is legal). There is putting time into something, learning from experiences that the time factor creates, allowing the time to reveal new directions and build valuable relationships. If you think it's taking too long or you are a failure because you aren't a millionaire after 6 months of starting something, you NEED to listen to this episode!