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Primal King Podcast

Jun 23, 2023

How often do you feel guilty about taking a few days off to go do something fun? Do you ever feel like you "can't afford" to do the thing that you've been wanting to do?

As Derek has gotten into his 40th year, he is starting to lean into the idea of experiences. Having responsibilities and obligations can make a marriage suffer and can also create distance between you and your kids if you aren't very intentional. 

After a conversation with a friend, this topic became very relevant. So often we make plans and then they never happen because we are just too busy or just too broke. We put off valuable experiences because we "shouldn't" do them. However, there will be a time for all of us when we look back and wish that we had just done it.

If you are bogged down or feeling like you need a break but feel guilty about it, this is a must listen!