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Primal King Podcast

Feb 9, 2024

Derek had a memory pop up from two years ago that can teach us all a HUGE lesson...

Two years ago, his daughter wasn't able to get a single minute of playing time in her team's championship game. With Derek's history in sports, he wasn't used to not being in the game and it was even harder to see his daughter not get a single second of playing time. 

This may not seem like the end of the world for most but kids take things like this pretty hard. They feel like it's "unfair" and want to become a victim. Is that attitude one that will help you have success though?

When we go through our own version of the storm, it can be very hard to move forward. We may want to just feel sorry for ourselves or think that it's taking to long to get to the daylight. 

After two short years, Derek's daughter is now pulled up to the varsity team and getting tons of playing time (as an 8th grader) because of what happened after that day two years ago. 

When it feels like everything is coming down on you, keep moving forward. It may only be an inch at a time...but over time those inches will turn into miles and you won't even recognize where you used to be.