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Primal King Podcast

Feb 2, 2024

We always hear how much people that achieve greatness have to sacrifice. Almost everyone has their own "success story" that they talk about. It could be the amount of hours that they had to put in. It could be how hard they had to work. It may be how much money they invested or borrowed. These are stories that are talked about ALL THE TIME.

But what about the cost of greatness that could impact our mental health?

What about the amount of hate that could come your way at any time?

After a week in Vegas and seeing what his former boss went through after some controversy, Derek is taking you through the little talked about downside of success: the amount of people that don't actually want you to succeed. It was on full display after his fromer boss' incident recently.

Not only will Derek walk you through what this looks like but more importantly, how you get past it. The jealousy and nay-sayers should NEVER hold you back. If you have ever felt this or if you are planning on achieving greatness, this is a must listen episode!