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Primal King Podcast

Apr 12, 2024

TJ Morris aka "Bear" has had a pretty incredible path to where he is now which is the owner and CEO of several different businesses and ventures as well as leading a massive YouTube following.

From starting out as a drummer in a metal band that couldn't get gigs booked and deciding to make enough money to be able to get his own shows and book other bands to play with them to a wobbly path to finding his faith and all the way up to huge business success, the story alone is worth a listen.

However, TJ has made big waves in the "Prepper" space simply by staying away from what he calls "Doomer Porn" and sticking to common sense ways that all of us can have a little extra insurance in the event that it's needed. His knowledge and level-headed philosophy is now providing the much needed information to help us all be prepared in the event that our society takes a turn for the worse. When you mix in his personality and his strong faith, this will be an episode that will be worth listening to multiple times!