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Primal King Podcast

Nov 25, 2022

Tony Whatley is a speaker, coach, 20 plus year entrepreneur and author of the book "Side Hustle Millionaire." Among many other things, Tony built his first side hustle business in his 20's and was able to sell it for millions while still working his "day job."

Derek is a huge advocate for entrepreneurship and when he learned about Tony's story, he knew it would be a great conversation. Often times people are worried about having to go all in to start a business but what if it is possible to start it, grow it and become very successful without having to quit your job that provides a certain level of security? This is the exact topic that Tony and Derek dive into today.

If you have ever thought you want to start a business to either supplement your current income or potentially completely replace what you're doing just know that it IS possible and Tony will teach you how!