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Primal King Podcast

May 1, 2020

Not all heroes wear capes. Troy Pottenger grew up in a tough environment. He started logging when he was 13 years old with his dad and learned right away what hard work looked like. It may have been a different time but the same principles that he lays out in this episode will always lead to success in all areas of life.

He has gone on to work with companies such as Whitetail Addicitions, Lone Wolf Custom Gear, Buck Fever Synthetics and many others as well as remain a full time school teacher for 25 years and coach countless kids in different sports.

In this episode you will learn:

-How his dad made a huge impact on his life despite losing him at 17 years old in a tragic accident

-Where his confidence comes from and why self belief is critical

-What he said to his son after the most gut-wrenching loss anyone could experience in a football game.

Troy is what this country is all about. He's gritty, he's tough, he's compassionate and he has impacted far more people than most influencers could ever dream of. This conversation is loaded with value and inspiration.