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Primal King Podcast

May 8, 2020

There is a ton of negativity right now. The news, social media and everyday life is filled with doom and gloom. We almost seem to be addicted to "worst case scenarios" on all sides. The question becomes what do we do when we are tired of it?

In this episode, Derek will talk about:

-What is the best way to get rid of the negativity?

-Why the advice that our parents gave us as kids is SO important

-What does his encounter with a DirecTV installer have to do with our current climate

-Why there will be a boom for those of us willing to stay optimistic even when things seem to be bad

Derek wants you to know that optimism will allow you to win. That is much easier said than done however. He will cover exactly how you can be part of the 20% that will thrive through this current crisis. The rest of those that continue living in negativity and fear will eventually look to you as a leader; and the world needs leaders right now!