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Primal King Podcast

Feb 24, 2023

Derek and Jess are back and ready to dive in on one of the hardest topics that many people ask themselves: where do I apply grace and compassion and where do I hold fast to my standards and remove myself or other people around me to stay in alignment?

If you are a Christian, we are taught to love and forgive. However, there are also very strict standards that we are instructed to live by. Should we judge other people and their decisions and their choices? Should we always forgive because we are taught so much about forgiveness? Should we EVER seek harsh judgement against those that live outside of our standards?

Many of these questions are being asked and dealt with right now. There is a movement toward cleaning up schools yet not discriminating. There is an effort to clean up crime but not lose compassion.

This episode should, at the very least, give you some different thoughts and opinions on how to approach these very sensitive and controversial topics so you can make these decisions for yourself.