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Primal King Podcast

Apr 7, 2023

We wouldn't say that there is necessarily an attack on marriage in our current culture. However, there does seem to be a lot of glorifying the "hook up" culture that seems to paint it as so much more fun than committed relationships.

This isn't some "marriage is the ONLY way someone can be happy" rant either. Derek and Jess wanted to advocate or at least exploring WHY marriage, although sometimes very difficult, is way more fulfilling than it is painted in silly shows like we see on TV.

This episode is Derek and Jess' pitch on why marriage can be the optimal level of relationships if done properly. Yes, there are some ways to avoid pitfalls because a bad marriage can be equally destructive for our happiness and fulfillment.

If you are younger and worried that you may be missing out by being in a committed relationship, don't be worried. If you are older and wonder if the grass is greener somewhere else, it probably isn't...