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Primal King Podcast

Jan 19, 2024

We all want to believe that we are irreplaceable, right? After all, most of us think we are the most important person ever created...but what if we actually aren't that important at all? 

In the past couple weeks, we have seen two of the most respected and successful coaches in football retire and each of them had their replacement hired within 48 hours. We've all seen loved ones and famous people pass away and life still goes on. What do you think will actually happen when it's your time to pass on? Most likely the same thing...

Understand that this shouldn't be all "doom and gloom" though. It is actually very freeing when you know that most of the world will move on when you're gone so you might as well keep that perspective when it comes to living to your truest form. In other words, if no one (outside of our closest friends and some family members) really cares, we should be able to eliminate all fear and attack life the way that we should...ALL OUT!

Tune into this episode if you struggle with a fear of judgement or if you just struggle to take in criticism. It will be a game changer!!!