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Primal King Podcast

Sep 22, 2023

This episode is a little different but the mission will always be to help you live a better life...

This week Derek reads an article written by the biggest newpaper in the state of Idaho that is attacking a small town football coach for his beliefs. This article hits very close to home seeing that Derek has been coaching high school football for 15 years and also puts his opinions out through his podcast and social media platforms.

When a small, fringe group of people have the loudest microphones, it will seem like your values are outdated. It may even seem like you are the extemist...but you aren't. 

Derek is using this different style of episode to encourage everyone that enough is enough. We've had enough of people being cancelled for stepping out of line. We are tired of people being fired for having beliefs that aren't considered "mainstream" enough. We are tired of self-censoring for fear of retribution.

If you are feeling the same way as Derek and are tired of the craziness going on, please share this episode!