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Primal King Podcast

Jul 1, 2022

Derek is fresh off of the Montana Mastermind Epic Camping Adventure and wants to share his two main takeaways after being surrounded by 14 other high level entrepreneurs in the mountains of Montana for 5 days.

First, he talks about how to approach a mastermind and why it's vitally important to be authentic. We have enough posers and surface level talk through social media so he really wanted to connect at a deep level with the other men there.

Second, the advice that he was given for some of the big goals that he has moving forward is to simply stop being a b*tch! It is some hard medicine to swallow but it is true.

Whether you've ever attended a mastermind or if you ever think you may want to be in a powerful room or environment, you have to check out this episode. 

Also, there is going to be a big announcement during this episode that you won't want to miss...