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Primal King Podcast

Apr 17, 2020

Today Derek gets to talk with his neighbor...but it just so happens that his neighbor is a former National Champion in Long Range Shooting and currently trains elite members of our military. 

Bryan Morgan has done many things before his fame in the shooting world. In this episode you will hear:

-How him and his brother took over his dad's construction business after his death and grew it to a 100 million dollar per year business

-What lessons he learned going from a "pipe layer" to now training some of the most elite members of the US Special Forces

-What mindset is required to train the most deadly and highly trained snipers on the planet

-Why he still has to earn the respect of each class he teaches and HOW he does that

-Why he does what he does (and it's not about the money)

Bryan is one of the most accomplished, humble and caring people that you will find. He has led an amazing life up to this point and his story and lessons will be sure to not only inspire you but also leave you with tons of value!