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Primal King Podcast

Jan 10, 2020

Cody Jefferson was a successful pastor traveling the country speaking to crowds of anywhere from 40 to 40,000. He was inspiring, evangelizing and doing what he felt he was meant to do; change lives.

Then, a few years back, his life took a big turn. He was going through a very public divorce. He had buried 9 family members and friends in a short period of time to separate tragedies including his little sister, his 18 month old niece and his best friend of 17 years. He had been saving people's souls but had lost his own purpose.

The stress of everything was too much to handle and he found himself in a hospital bed suffering from adrenal/hormonal shutdown and was literally dying from the anxiety and stress he was going through. He had lost everything and it was too much.

What he didn't realize though is this is where his new life was born. Cody talks about the old version of himself having to die in order for him to truly live. From that point he has gone on to:

-Find the love of his life and soul mate, Kala

-Define exactly who he is and what he stands for

-Create 3 massively successful businesses doing what he loves

-Become one of the most sought after speakers on how to turn your pain into power

-Amass a following of 10's of 1000's of followers on social media that he inspires and motivates to turn their passion into profit

...and, become twice the man at home for his wife and his family than he is online.

If you want a true inspirational story of overcoming obstacles, how to live an authentic life and THRIVE while doing it, you have to listen to this episode!