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Primal King Podcast

Dec 13, 2019

Derek gets a chance to chat with the Evan Hafer. In this episode, Evan talks all about:

-How growing up in a logging family taught him the work ethic necessary to become a Green Beret as well as start a multi-million dollar business

-What happened to him early on to shift his mindset that would enable him to have massive success within the military and business

-Why he built a business instead of trying to work for someone else

-How he handles all of the haters out there and what advice he has for you

-What type of legacy he is building and what he ultimately wants that legacy to be

Evan is a great guy that served in some of the deepest, darkest places on the planet. He lays out why the military (and war) was so good for him and the lessons that he learned. He also explains that YOU can apply these same lessons in your life right away. 

Any time you have a chance to learn from someone who has had success in the military, business, fatherhood and life in general, I encourage you to take advantage. This is your opportunity. Enjoy!