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Primal King Podcast

Jan 8, 2021

Most people don't work with their spouse. In fact, for many couples, they don't see each other all THAT often. When you factor in jobs, kids, responsibilities and on and on, sometimes it can feel more like passionate roommates than husband or wife.

The pandemic and subsequent shutdowns has meant more "quality" time then ever for most couples though. For the first few weeks it may have seemed liked a nice little break from reality but may feel like a prison.

This week, Derek and Jess have some fun with the conversation of how to deal with someone when you feel like they are always around. Rather than take a serious approach to what can be a complicated issue, they add some humor and light-heartedness to hopefully put a smile on your face even if you are feeling a little bit of cabin fever while still showing you how to get through these tough times. Before you resort to throwing lamps at your significant other, make sure to listen to this one!