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Primal King Podcast

Mar 6, 2020

This week is a really special week; the Primal King Podcast welcomes a special guest that Derek has know forever (literally), his brother, Randall Grizzle.

They talk about everything from why sports matter when building the mindset to run a successful business to how Randall used to knock the snot out of Derek when they were young (funny story there to listen to).

Also, you will learn:

-Why being un-employable isn't a bad thing

-Why those closest to you won't necessarily be your biggest supporters and how to move past it

-What the true reason behind Randall building a highly successful business is...

-How to raise successful kids and how what the most important advice he has for his kids is (it's different from what you normally hear)

-...and so much more!

This is not only a value bomb of a podcast but because Derek is talking to his brother, you KNOW there has to be some sibling banter as well to keep it ultra entertaining!