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Primal King Podcast

Aug 7, 2020

Ryan Stewman has more accomplishments than I could list but here are just a few:

-He's been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur,  The Good Men Project and Addicted 2 Success just to name a few

-He has achieved success nearly everywhere he’s been from selling car washes as a younger guy to a top performing loan officer and now to a world-renowned sales trainer, mindset shifter and business consultant.

-Now, he has gone on to write several books and become a best selling author, he has a weekly Podcast called the Hardcore Closer Podcast and the daily mindset podcast Called “Rewire” and is followed and read by millions all across the globe!

-However, his rise to the top has been anything but smooth. He was in and out of prison, dealt with divorce and business setbacks and has been an open book on the ups and downs and how he has gotten through them.

-In the last couple years though, he has transitioned into a family man, married his dream girl and has been building his family empire to match the success of his business…

Ryan also takes you through an exercise that will show you EXACTLY what the most elite version of yourself looks like and it is super powerful.